Tuesday, 04/07/2023, 10:03 GMT+7

Sao Mai Super Feed: Innovative technology is profoundly changing all aspects of socioeconomic life globally. As estimated, 70% of global GDP by 2030 will come from digital-based business models. This forces businesses to innovate, adapt and develop, especially in production and trade.


Sao Mai Super Feed's strategic products.

Sao Mai Super Feed is one of Vietnam's leading aqua feed companies with many years of experience, especially in catfish feed production.

Established in 2015, with an over 360,000-ton per year capacity, Sao Mai Super Feed's products always meet international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, 25000:2002, HACCP, Food Hygiene, EU Green Certification..., and have been exported to several markets, thereby actively contributing to the development strategy of Vietnam's pangasius industry in a sustainable and highly competitive way.


Sao Mai Super Feed's formation has connected the entire pangasius value chain.

Recognizing the great opportunities and challenges from the industrial revolution 4.0 and the digital transformation trend, Sao Mai Super Feed has invested heavily in applying digital technology in all its activities. In the production stage, Sao Mai Super Feed uses an ERP system for supply chain management, an automatic QC system and a sleek line to help improve the quality of aqua feed products by 20% and increase productivity by 30%.

The company reaches thousands of potential customers through marketing and sales through e-commerce websites and social networks, thereby increasing sales by more than 25%.


Mechanization and automation in the feeding process at Sao Mai Super Feed.

In recent years, along with the advancement of digital transformation and advanced production methods, Sao Mai continuously innovates and applies many innovative solutions into practice. Through extensive development and integration, the company has built a modern management system, skilled human resources, used advanced technology and achieved international certifications and standards. At the same time, the company always focus on sustainably developing, building a safe and transparent production environment and implementing corporate social responsibility. With solid foundations in all aspects, Sao Mai gradually becomes the region's leading enterprise in aqua feed production.


Diversified products to meet the market's needs.

With a comprehensive digitalization strategy, Sao Mai Super Feed gradually transforms indefinitely, conquering new markets and laying a solid foundation to realize its ambition to bring Vietnamese brands to the world. Sao Mai Super Feed is always a vivid demonstration of the outstanding potential of Vietnamese enterprises in the fourth industrial revolution when they have a strategic vision and ability to innovate, dare to invest in technology, and are ready to conquer anywhere.

To nurture the dream to reach further, Sao Mai Super Feed will continue to research and innovate technologies, create more environmentally friendly products, inherit from previous products' successes, and continuously expand cooperation to improve production capacity and management capacity according to international standards. To build brands and expand traditional export markets, the company will increase investment in particular countries, comprehensively cooperate with multinational corporations for strategic planning, and initially penetrate global supply chains.

With the proper enthusiasm, Sao Mai believes in continuing to write the success story "Made in Vietnam" in the world market.